Selling to Wholesalers - The Pros, Cons, and a Viable Option

February 22, 2024

Most Wholesalers have a predetermined method they use when making you an offer. I discuss the pros, cons, and a viable option to consider.

Thinking about Selling Your Home to a Wholesaler?

Every day, thousands of homeowners receive letters, postcards, or see road signs offering to buy their homes. These buyers, known as wholesalers, are widespread, prompting numerous inquiries to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) legal department.

Only REALTORS® are bound by a Code of Ethics and a fiduciary responsibility to the seller – they prioritize your interests over theirs. This isn't always the case with wholesalers. While some are responsible, it's essential to exercise caution.

When considering selling real estate, especially if significant repairs or updates are needed, wholesalers may be an option. However, Unted Country – Broker Associates offers three options.

Option 1: We have professional wholesalers who will make a Cash Offer.

·         The true wholesale professionals we work with assess the After Repair Value (ARV), calculate renovation costs, and provide competitive offers.

Option 2: The Standard MLS Listing used by REALTORS®

·         We have distinct MLS programs such as our Certified Pre-Owned Home Program

Option 3: The Kickstart Program

·         Kickstart uses the modern online Bid to Buy method to sell property.

In this blog, I will explain Option 1, the Cash Option, how it works, and then introduce Option 3, Kickstart. As most people are aware of Option 2 and how it works, I will not review it.

After determining a customer’s goals, together with our customers we determine if our Firm is a good fit, then we make an appointment to inspect their home and we discuss goals, our 77 Step Listing Plan, the best available options, and then formulate an Action Plan.

Our inspection and valuation determine the marketability of the home. If it's "Move-in-Ready" with good comps (comparable homes recently sold), we typically recommend the Standard MLS combined with one of exclusive programs. If not, we will explore the other two options.

Repair or Not to Repair and Your Alternatives:

#1 - Selling to Wholesalers:

Wholesalers follow a similar process when evaluating and purchasing properties:

1.       Assessing the ARV: Determining the potential market value of your home after it's fully repaired and updated.

2.       Deducting Repair and Update Costs: Calculating the estimated expenses required to bring the property up to market standards.

3.       Factoring in Contingencies: Including an additional amount to account for unforeseen repairs or hidden issues.

4.       Anticipating Profit: Considering their expected profit margins when making an offer.


1.       Quick Sale: Transactions are often completed within a matter of weeks.

2.       No Repairs Needed: Since they purchase properties as-is, you can avoid the time and cost associated with renovations.

3.       Certainty of Sale: There's a higher degree of confidence in a smooth transaction as buyers don't rely on mortgage approvals.


However, there are common practices among some wholesalers to consider.

1.       Asking for a lower sale price once they inspect the home,

2.       Offering a small Due Diligence ($1 to $100)

3.       Extending the closing date to 60 days after initially promising a two-week cash purchase

4.       Listing your home on the MLS at a much higher price.

  • According to the NCREC, these comprise the most common business practice.

#2 - Selling Using The Kickstart Program:

While selling to wholesalers offers a quick solution, Kickstart presents a modern alternative. It utilizes an online Bid to Buy method for selling your home, combining the effectiveness of traditional auctions, the convenience of MLS listings, and state-of-the-art online marketing.

Kickstart also works well for homes that haven't sold (Expired Listing) on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and for estates that include personal property needing to be sold. Some clients prefer the features of this option.

Kickstart sets itself apart by providing transparent pricing that aligns closely with your home's true market value, ensuring a fair deal.

Advantages of Kickstart:

In addition to its core benefits, Kickstart offers the following advantages:

1.       No Commission Paid by the Seller: Eliminates the need for the seller to pay any commissions, keeping more of the sale proceeds with no hidden fees.

2.       No Due Diligence Required: Simplifies the process by removing the need for a Due Diligence period, as required in traditional real estate sales.

3.       No Contingencies: Provides a "Sold As Is" approach with all terms and conditions determined in advance by the seller, offering a straightforward transaction.

4.       Most importantly, Kickstart is a program overseen by the NCREC, where only Licensed Real Estate Agents sell your home along with an auctioneer licensed by the state of NC.


In a real estate market that continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Kickstart offers a safe and efficient solution for homeowners in the Triad looking to sell their properties. By combining elements of cash offers and traditional listings with a modern online bidding and marketing system, it provides an attractive alternative that ensures a competitive market value and a smoother selling process.

Embrace the future of home selling with Kickstart, a solution that not only offers a more competitive way to sell your property but also addresses the unique challenges posed by the evolving real estate landscape in recent years. Whether you're considering wholesalers or Kickstart, choose the option that aligns best with your specific circumstances and goals, while enjoying the added advantages of transparency, no commissions, reduced due diligence, and a straightforward, legal selling process.

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