The Top 10 Reasons to Sell Real Estate Using the Auction Method

March 11, 2021

Covid 19 and online auctions have created a new auction marketplace. 10 Reason Why Online Auctions Work.

The Top Ten Reasons to Sell Your Home, Land or Business

Using the New Online Auction Method


The Covid 19 Pandemic has forever changed how we sell homes, land and businesses at Auction. The traditional auction chant is no longer heard at most auctions and has been replaced by technology that allows buyers to confidently bid and win auctions from anywhere in the world. The online auction is the now a very popular way to sell real estate. Here is why.

  1. Attract more Buyers
    • An online auction showcases your property to a larger, targeted online marketplace, providing maximum visibility.
    • The online auction still uses the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), plus markets the property on local, regional and national/international online auction sites for a huge potential bidding audience.
  2. Fast and Efficient
    • Traditional selling processes depend on buyers to show interest, to view your property, and to make an offer.
    • We control the home showing process using an Open House - auction style, which eliminates the hassle of showings. Showing appointments are optional.
    • Bidders are approved online prior to bidding, assuring they have the ability to pay the winning bid.
  3. True Market Value
    • With an online auction, the fair market value of a property is established by the bidders and can increase with competitive bidding.
    • Competitive bidding is a key ingredient of an auction’s success and it still takes place with online bidding.
  4. Transparent Bidding.
    • With an online auction, the seller and buyer (bidder) both know where the price is.
    • Price negotiations and multiple offers are eliminated.
  1. Not Final
    • The property is sold with a “Reserve Price” that sets the minimum acceptable bid.
    • If the Reserve Price is not met, a seller is not obligated to accept a lower price for the property.
  2. No “Buyer Conditions”
    • With an online auction, all terms and conditions are determined in advance by the Seller and given to the bidders prior to the sale.
    • Auctioned properties are always sold, “as-is”, without Due Diligence inspections, financing, or other contingencies.
  3. Represent Only the SELLER
    • Auctioneering laws do not permit Dual Agency (the Broker represents both the buyer and seller).
    • There is no potential for a conflict of interest.
  4. No Commission Paid by the Seller
    • With an auction there are no commissions for the Seller to pay as the buyer is charged a “Buyer’s Premium.” over and above the final sale price of the property.
    • Seller may be responsible for other cost associated with the auction, such as marketing costs that are contracted for on behalf of the Sellers.
  5. Best of Both Worlds.
    • The auction is online, yet the local team is “hands-on,” giving the Seller “The Best of Both Worlds” -old and new.
    • The local Auctioneer who is also a Realtor, and who knows the local market, assuring the property owner of peace of mind.
  6. Sell Personal Property.
    • This is especially helpful when the Seller needs to downsize, as may be the case in an estate.
    • Other personal property such as vehicles, boats, tools, almost anything can be listed for auction online along with the home.

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